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7 July
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Samara Cook is an out and proud teen lesbian, a student at Sheridan Prep and a member of their campus pride group. She works to help other girls come out of the closet and does her best to be friendly and kind to everyone. She, along with some of her friends, made and sold handmade jewelry at the Founders' Day Festival. She met and began casually dating Emily Fields through a meeting Emily's former girlfriend, a closeted girl named Paige McCullers, set up with Samara and failed to show up for - while Emily did show up in an effort to support her.

Samara was not shy in pursuing Emily but honored her request not to get too serious, too fast, and kept things as casual as possible, even asking Emily if she would be okay with her seeing other people - though she didn't. She and Emily both felt they may have something and continued to see each other for a short time. Samara cut things off with Emily when Emily gave her number to one of Samara's friends after a game night at the Marin home.

More information can be found at Samara's Pretty Little Liars Wiki Page.

(Due to the lack of development in canon, the writer will be incorporating small bits of headcanon into the way Samara is played.)

Samara was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has one older brother, Jasper, four years her senior. Her father worked as a bank supervisor but was an artist at heart and always encouraged his daughter's artistic urges. He was also a comic book nerd and passed his love onto both his children. Her mother was a stay-at-home mom until Samara was out of middle school. Her father's job transferred him to the Rosewood branch of his bank, where he was given a higher position, and the family moved from the big city of Philly to small-town Rosewood where Samara's best friend since second grade, Quinn, had moved just before fifth grade. Samara and Quinn both enrolled at private high school, Sheridan Preparatory School, and Samara quickly become an active member of their pride group.

Samara knew from a very young age that she liked girls, and thanks to the loving, understanding environment she was raised in, had no trouble coming out to her very accepting parents in middle school. She briefly dated a closeted girl during her freshman year but decided that despite seriously liking the other girl, she could not deal with the drama that came with her staying in the closet.

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Bring Me Clarity || bringme_clarity
Shortly after Maya's death, Samara runs into Emily at the Grille. She is well and truly over the hurt she felt when Emily gave Zoey her phone number and makes a gentle attempt to become friends again. She tries to comfort Emily when she learns of Maya's death and does her best to stay in friend mode.

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Twice The Slayage || twicetheslayage
Samara was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and moved to Rosewood when she was starting high school. Aside from coming out as a lesbian in middle school, her life was fairly calm, peaceful, normal - from an outside point-of-view. Inside, things were different. Samara, like her mother, was a witch and came from a long line of witches. Her powers appeared at a young age, and when she wasn't busy with schoolwork or her extracurriculars, Samara was at home with her mother practicing to keep her powers under control and working on simple spells her mother taught. It was when one of those spells went horribly wrong and she nearly killed her own mother that Samara stopped practicing unless absolutely necessary and started studying Wicca and leaning everything she could about it instead. She's very knowledgeable about anything relating to witchcraft or the supernatural, and when she met girlfriend, Emily Fields and her group, she was finally able to put that knowledge to good use. Still, she feels a bit out of place with the others, but she tries to be friendly while still sticking close to Em.

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